Geography is taught in Early Years as part of Understanding the World and is largely
focused on the children’s own community, the school, and the wider environment.
In Key Stage 1 it is embedded in our cross curricular offer and key skills and knowledge are
taught with a clear sequence using a range of meaningful contexts. Children use their
geographical skills to learn about their environment and places all over the world. By the end
of Key Stage 1 they will have a basic understanding of the difference between human and
physical geography. They will be familiar with the globe and the main continents and oceans.
Children will have developed a range of skills for fieldwork, through practical activities in our
school grounds local area and wider community.
Our children will have opportunity to compare their own lives with those of children who live in
very different climates and environments and can empathise with the challenges that some of
these people face. They will investigate and begin to understand the importance of caring and
looking after the natural environment