Special Educational Needs and Disabilities


Mrs Sue Bryon - SENCO

Church Aston Infant School, Newport, Shropshire TF10 9JN

Telephone 01952 386390

This SEN Information Report is regularly updated   to reflect changes and plans within the school. The report states the current provision within Church Aston Infant School.


What  kinds of special educational needs are provided for at Church Aston Infant School?

This is a maintained day school for children aged rising 5-7 years.  At Church Aston Infant School, we embrace the fact that every child is different, and, therefore, the educational needs of every child is different; this is certainly the case for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. Children will be provided with an appropriately paced and differentiated curriculum.

Church Aston Infant School is proud to provide inclusive education for children who may have

  • Communication and interaction needs
  • Cognition and interaction needs
  • Behavioural, social and emotional needs
  • Physical and / or  sensory needs


How do we identify children with SEND and their needs?

At Church Aston Infant School, children are identified as having SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) through a variety of ways, usually a combination, which may include some of the following:


  • Liaison with previous school or pre-school setting
  • Child performing below ‘age expected’ levels or equivalent (e.g. percentile rankings) at termly progress meetings.
  • Concerns raised by a parent
  • Concerns raised by a teacher: for example, if behaviour or self-esteem is affecting performance
  • Liaison with external agencies e.g. for a physical/ sensory issue, speech and language
  • Children with an EHCP (Education Health and Care Plan) already have their needs clearly identified. Their placement at our school is a decision that is made by the Local Authority. 


The SENCO at Church Aston infant School is Mrs S Bryon who can be contacted through the school Office - 01952 386390.


What is the provision for children with SEND at Church Aston Infant School and how is it evaluated?

Our school is an inclusive setting where everyone is treated with dignity, with respect and is of equal worth. All staff have a responsibility to meet the needs of all the children with SEND at Church Aston Infant School.


Our vision is committed to the provision of an outstanding educational experience for each and every pupil. We are positive in the development of partnership between home and school and believe excellent partnership has a direct impact on pupil learning.


We believe the school is central to the community it serves and we are keen to foster good relations and involvement in community projects. At Church Aston Infant School we aim to help children develop responsible attitudes towards their learning, fellow pupils and others in an ordered and caring environment. We consider it vital for each child to explore the world about him or her and to make sense of the world they live in. We recognise the individuality of the child and aim to enable each child to develop their creativity and full potential. Each child should have an opportunity to follow a curriculum that is child centred, specific to the needs of the individual and takes account of previous experience.


The school believes strongly in developing global dimension and enhancing the life experiences for our pupils by developing their understanding of language, cultures and knowledge of places in the world. We are passionate to promote a positive view of the very different world we live in.

Our key purpose is the construction, delivery and constant improvement of quality learning experiences appropriate to the needs of all our pupils/students.

To achieve our vision we aim to:


  • To provide a stimulating and creative learning environment where SEND pupils are happy, safe and secure
  • To enable all pupils to enjoy learning and achieve to the best of their ability through a broad curriculum, which provides challenge, is child centred, meets his or her needs and takes account of the child’s previous experience.
  • To ensure all pupils have fairness of opportunity regardless of gender, race or abilities.
  • To enable pupils to develop responsible attitudes towards their learning, fellow pupils and others in an ordered and caring environment where pupils develop responsibility for their learning, behaviour and engagement in a healthy lifestyle
  • For staff to have the opportunity to engage in Continuous Professional Development to ensure their practice is always up to date and of the highest quality
  • To engage and communicate with parents and carers in a positive way to ensure effective partnership that supports every child
  • For governors to take an active role in the life of the school and support the work it does for the benefit of all pupils


At Church Aston we use the graduated approach to SEND in accordance with the SEN Code of Practice 2014   - using the assess, plan, do, review cycle:



The class teacher and SENCO take into account teacher assessments, knowledge of the pupil, previous progress and attainment and the views and experience of parents or carers.



Where it is decided to provide a pupil with SEN support parents are formally notified. In consultation, the teacher, SENCO, parents and pupil will decide on the interventions and support to be put in place. A review date will be set.

The support and intervention/s given will be based on reliable evidence of effectiveness and will be implemented by staff with suitable skills and knowledge. Where appropriate, parental involvement to reinforce or consolidate learning at home will be encouraged.

 All staff who work with the pupil will be informed of needs, support, teaching strategies and expected outcomes.



The class teacher remains responsible for working with SEND children on a daily basis.  Where any interventions take place out of the classroom, the teacher will still retain responsibility. Teaching assistants or specialist staff will work closely with the teacher and SENCO to assess the effective implementation of support. 

All teachers and teaching assistants engage in regular training to improve teaching and learning for pupils with a range of needs. This is then applied in the classroom setting and reviewed to see how different groups are progressing and any changes that need to be implemented are put in place.



The effectiveness of support and interventions on a pupil’s progress will be reviewed at least termly.  Pupils and parent feedback will be sought alongside that of teaching staff to evaluate the impact on progress and development. The outcome of these consultations will determine any changes that will be made.

Where a pupil has an EHCP the Local Authority will review the plan at the Annual Review.

All children are taught by their teacher. Classwork is pitched at an appropriate level so that all children are able to access it according to their specific needs and ability. We aim to provide additional support to enable the child to reach their challenging targets and develop ways of working independently.

For an overview of our SEN provision and interventions please click the link here 


Once a child has been identified as having SEND, information about interventions and professionals who may have worked with them will be recorded to ensure continuity of provision.

Each child will have challenging targets to achieve each term and personalised provision put in place to enable the child to achieve those targets. 


Further details of all areas of our school curriculum and assessment processes can be seen in our Teaching and Learning Policy (available on our website). We have liaised with our parents/carers on developing our school offer to ensure it includes useful information and answers their questions.



How will Church Aston Infant School include all SEND children in activities outside the classroom, including school trips?

All children are included in all parts of the school curriculum and we aim for all children to be included on school trips. We will provide the necessary support to ensure that this is successful and may discuss this in advance with parents/carers. It might be appropriate for a parent/carer to accompany a child on a school trip, depending upon the child’s individual needs.


A risk assessment is carried out prior to any off site activity to ensure everyone’s health and safety will not be compromised.


A variety of after school clubs are provided. We aim for these to be as inclusive as possible and may provide additional staff or sessions in order to achieve this. Each child’s needs will be considered on an individual basis.


How will equipment and facilities be provided to support SEND children at Church Aston Infant School?


  • Our school has an Accessibility Policy
  • All areas of the school are accessible by wheelchair. A ramp is provided to avoid stepped areas
  • An accessible toilet facility is available
  • Adaptations will be made to accommodate children with sensory needs
  • In our curriculum we make adaptations using resources that allow all children to access learning independently


If you have specific access queries or concerns please speak with us. 
All parents and families are welcome to visit the school prior to their child or young person attending the school.

How do we work with parents/carers?
At Church Aston Infant School - parents are fully included in the process of working with their children.  
This includes:

  • Initial visits to school
  • Introductory meetings
  • Daily home/school book for information exchanges and key messages if necessary
  • Weekly newsletters
  • Website with SEND information
  • Termly parent/teacher meetings including updates from professionals
  • A curriculum school report each year - and one linked to annual review of the EHC Plan including a review of an Individual Health Care Plan as appropriate
  • Parent workshops and training
  • Parental representation on the Governing Body
  • Parent involvement in changes in school through informal and formal consultations


How do we listen to SEND children’s views?

SEND children are encouraged to express their views in all aspects of their daily school life


Termly or half termly pupil profiles where next steps in learning are set for SEND children include the choices and views of each child. They are fully included in the plan, do and review cycle.

The assessment and annual review process of statements of SEND and EHC Plans includes the choices and views of each child.

The School Council includes SEND pupils to contribute and decide on aspects of school life relating to their needs.


What are the arrangements for assessing and reviewing children and young people’s progress towards outcomes, including the opportunities available to work with parents and young people as part of this assessment and review?


  • The SENDCo will check that your child is making good progress within any individual work and in any group that they take part in.
  • Your child’s progress is continually monitored by his/her class teacher.
  • His/her progress is reviewed formally every half term in reading, writing and numeracy.
  • Your child will be prepared for National tests and arrangements made as applicable.

What support do we give to children to improve their emotional and social development?
Staff meet and greet pupils each day at the classroom door ensuring a smooth transition between school and home each day.

  • We recognise that pupils with SEND may well have an Emotional and Social Development needs that will require additional support in school.
  • We have a robust Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy in place; we follow National & Local Authority Guidelines.
  • We have a Family Support Worker who supports children via 1:1 Counselling and/or nurture group sessions. Additional referrals to other agencies are completed as necessary
  • We have appropriate  Behaviour and Anti Bullying Policies
  • The Head and all staff continually monitor the Emotional Health and well-being of all our pupils; this may be for example, via pupil questionnaire
  • We have Playground Buddies who support their peers during lunchtimes and playtimes.


What are the arrangements made by the governing body for dealing with complaints from parents/carers of children in relation to the provision made at Church Aston Infant School?

Most issues can be resolved by speaking with the class teacher, Head teacher or SENDCo. If however the issue is not resolved the process for all complaints is made available in the Complaints Policy which is regularly updated. The Complaints Policy is also available on the school website.


Which outside agencies support the needs of SEND children at Church Aston Infant School and their families?

School Nurses, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, CAMHS LD team and Physiotherapists are employees of Shropshire Community Health Trust. All these professionals visit school to train staff, advise staff and/or work with the children.

The Sensory Inclusion Service staff, advisory teachers - are employed by the Local Authority, not the school, and are within the Children Specialist Services team. They provide staff training and advice on individual children's needs.

There are social workers for children with disabilities who are Local Authority employees and are based within the Children Specialist Services.

All contact numbers for support services, described above, are available on the Local Offer



What are the school’s arrangements for supporting children in transferring between phases of education?

All transitions are well planned for as children transfer from pre-school settings or home, as they move from Class 1 to Class 2 and onto KS2. Parents/carers always have the opportunity to meet the new teacher and class staff. Any outside agencies working with a child are informed of the transition and advice from them is used as necessary to help ensure a smooth transition.

 The school will work with the Local Authority and family when a child is starting our school with an Education Health Care Plan to ensure all aspects and requirements are put into place.


A child’s SEND records are transferred to the new school to ensure the new school is aware of needs and targets.  The SENCo of our school will liaise with the SENCo of the new school to ensure there is  full understanding of the child’s needs.


Where is the information on the Telford and Wrekin's local offer published?

There is further detail on our website of our own School Offer for SEND and this links to the Local Offer on the Family Connect pages on Telford and Wrekin's website - www.telford.gov.uk

If you have any queries or requests for policies or information relating to this report please contact the Head Teacher - on 01952 386390 or Email: A2033@taw.org.uk