Staying Safe

Tell a grown up if you feel scared or unhappy about anything


If you want to talk about any problem big or small you can speak to someone at Childline.

Call 0800 1111

What happens when you contact childline?


If you feel worried or upset about anything you have seen or if someone has said something which makes you feel bad or funny inside – If your at home you need to tell your mum, dad or whoever looks after you and if you are at school you can talk to your teachers.

If you want to talk to someone else you can call ‘Childline’, where nice people can help you.

They won’t tell anyone that you have called and it’s free. You can phone them on: 0800 1111.

The most important thing is to remember is to tell a grown up you like and trust if you are unhappy or scared about anything.

Underwear Rule Children's Guide.pdf

Internet Safety Rules Agreement.pdf

Internet safety videos and information aged 5 - 7

Hectors World -Think u Know - Online Safety Advise

Online Safety Rules (Created by children in Class 2)

•  Only go on the programme that the teacher / parent tells you to go on.

•  Do not take photos of yourself or anyone else.

•  Use a nickname for games.

•  Keep your passwords safe.

•  Do not tell anyone you do not know your personal information like your name, age, school and address.

•  Do not put your personal information online.

•  Do not share another persons information.