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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Picture 1 Mrs Griffiths, Head Teacher & DSL
Picture 2 Mrs Clare Reynolds, School Business Manager
Picture 3 Mrs Powell, Class 2 Teacher, DSL & Mathematics
Picture 4 Mrs Bryon, Class 1 Teacher, SENCO & EYFS
Picture 5 Mrs Richardson, Class 1 Teacher & Humanities
Picture 6 Mrs Sanders, Class 2 Teaching Assistant
Picture 7 Mrs Whitefoot, Class 2 Teaching Assistant
Picture 8 Mrs Bundy - Teaching Assistant
Picture 9 Mrs Harris, Teaching Assistant
Picture 10 Mrs Wellman, Teaching Assistant
Picture 11 Mrs Judd, Cleaner in Charge & Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 12 Mrs Chebsey, Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 13 Mrs Griffiths, Lunchtime Supervisor
Picture 14 Mrs Egan, Breakfast Club Supervisor
Picture 15 Cory Oliver, Double Touch Sports Coach