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SUMMER TERM - April 2019 - July 2019

Shuffle Up Day

It was lovely to welcome all the children that will be starting next September in Class 2 either as Year 2's or as Year 1's. Everyone drew a self portrait and wrote words of things or people around their pictures that were important to them. They also enjoyed some team building games outside.


Comic Strips

Children have been creating their own fun comic strips. They really enjoyed sharing these with their friends.


Design & Technology

Children used their design sheets  to create a 3D model of their amazing monsters from the Deepest, Darkest Jungle.

English / Art

Fing - We enjoyed creating our own monster , In English we wrote about our creature and created warning booklets. Children then created their fabulous jungle art.

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Edgmond Hall - School Trip

We had a lovely day exploring Edgmond Hall and taking part in many fun activities such as; pond dipping, bug hunting, feeding chickens and goats and going on a bear hunt. What a  wonderful, fun packed day!