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Spring Term - January 2020 - April 2020

Maths - Reception

We have been looking at doubling a number. Children painted dots on one side of a butterfly and when squashed together found what double that number was.

Pirate Role Play

Shiver me timbers, a pirate ship just docked in Class 2. Look out for the buried treasure and be careful that you're not made to walk the plank....Arrgh

Picture 1

Shrove Tuesday

We all enjoyed making pancakes and tasting them.

Maths - Reception

We sang 10 green bottles and counted back from ten to zero. Children used a variety of equipment to help them count backwards from ten.


100 Days in School

We celebrated 100 days in school with lots of fun activities. We filled a hundred square with 100 things, write special cards to our class friends and enjoyed sharing a delicious platter of prepared fresh fruit.



Class 1 enjoyed participating in a workshop to role play checking in at an airport and travelling on an aeroplane.

They also tried out lots of scientific activities related to air travel and got to take part in a parachute making workshop. We used different materials and made predictions as to which would fall to the ground the quickest. It was lots of fun testing them out.




Reception - Tricky words

We have been playing games to try and help us to read the reception list of tricky words.

Maths - Year 1 - Odd & Even Numbers

In maths we looked at numbers to 20 and sorted these into odd and even numbers, we found out what makes an odd and even number and what happens if you add two off numbers together.


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Picture 2
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Science - Healthy Teeth & Sugar in Drinks

We estimated how many spoons of sugar we thought was in a cup of squash and children could not believe that this was 12 teaspoons. We measured this out and discussed what sugar does to our teeth if we have too much of it. We made drinks using the natural sugars from fruit to sweeten the water.

Plane Role Play

Mrs Bryon seems to be having a little too much fun in the aeroplane role play area. After taking on the role of the pilot she was able to pass on her captaincy skills  to the children for them to take over the plane and fly off to destinations far and wide.


I wonder where they will jet off to tomorrow?





The reception children found lots of different ways to represent 6,7 and 8.