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September 2016 - July 2017

World Book Day 2017

Children and Staff celebrated World Book Day 2017 by dressing up as their favourite book characters. During the day children shared stories, wrote stories, drew pictures of their characters and enjoyed a book scavenger hunt looking for a variety of different characters and story endings.

Extreme Reading

Take a look at the gallery of  fabulous extreme reading photos. Where did your reading journey take you?


Santa Visits School

Children were thrilled to get a surprise visit from Santa  and his Head Elf in school. They got to meet and chat with him and all got a little gift.

Picture 1

Reading Buddies

We recently introduced reading buddies to give children the opportunity to share books with each other. This was exceptionally  popular and the children had a lovely time sharing and reading books together.


Chetwynd Deer Park

We all had a lovely time at Chetwynd Deer park.  The children enjoyed looking for signs of Autumn and using natural materials to create their our own natural artwork.





Weston Park School Trip

We all had a wonderful day at Weston Park learning about the lives of children from rich and poor families from the past. We found out about how they lived and how they played. Everyone had the opportunity to get dressed up in Victorian clothes and play with some old toys. It was great fun participating in the workshop to make a cup and ball toy and afterwards the children enjoyed playing with them. There was a large variety of outdoor toys and games for the children to experience and everyone had fun giving all the activities a try.


Exotic Zoo School Trip

On our visit to Exotic Zoo the children saw some amazing creatures. Everyone had the opportunity to get up close to spiders, chameleons, tree frogs, snakes, meerkats, millipedes and much, much more. We learned all about their natural habitats, how they adapt to their environment for survival and what they like to eat. Most children touched or held the animals and thoroughly enjoyed the day.


Science Week

It’s been an exciting week full of science investigations and experiments. Children have worked in mixed year groups and have been able to challenge their thinking, make predictions, participate in many different experiments and then sometimes be surprised at investigation outcomes.