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Chetwynd Deer Park Adventure Day

What a busy and exciting day we had!


We used our problem solving skills to think of a way to collect water from the lake without going past a coned off area. Children worked in groups taping together poles with cups or bags on the end to dip into the lake and collect the water. We then had to hunt to find various items to pop into a bowl to create a magical medicine.


We went for a walk and used journey sticks to collect leaves and interesting natural items we saw along the way.


It was a lot of fun to follow a trail of arrows and wool that lead us into the woods. When we arrived at our destination we had another task to complete and needed to work together collecting twigs, sticks and leaves to enable us to build a waterproof den for a small animal.


The day would not have been complete without a bug hunt, we shook a tree to see what fell out and peered into the stone walls and under rocks to see if we could spot any bugs.


Some children from Class 1 lay down to use their bodies to make large animals.


We were very fortunate to have had such lovely weather and we all had a brilliant day.