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Arthog Outreach Activity Day

It's with great thanks to the hard work of the Friends of School for raising funds throughout the year, to enable children to have exceptional explorations.


All funds raised directly benefit every child in school,  without this the funded Arthog Activity Day, at Chetwynd Deer Park would not have been possible.


Children had an amazing day, working co-operatively, building habitats for animals and climbing. An experience we're sure they will remember for many years.


Friends of School play an exceptionally important role and every parent automatically becomes a member.


Help is always needed, this can be as one off help for an individual event or if you have more time help on a regular basis. New idea's for fundraising are always welcome. If you are able to offer any support no matter how small or ideas to raise money please speak to:


Chair –  Amanda Sharp (Mum to Sam in Year 2) or

Vice Chair - Becki Skingsley (Mum to Evie in year 1 and Nancy in Reception)