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Keeping Children Safe

Staying safe


It can be hard sometimes to know what to do if you have a concern over a  child's welfare and whether you should report it.  The NSPCC link below offers good advice and useful information to support parents in helping their children to remain safe.


NSPCC WEB to visit.

Safety at School

To view the school policies on safeguarding and staying safe please click here.


To view the information from the Online Safety Open Evening please click here.




Safety Warnings


Warning issued about and apps is a free app, which appears to be a harmless and fun application, can pose a serious threat to the safety of children and young people. is a social network for sharing user generated music and videos. Many children enjoy the ‘lip-sync’ element of the app, as well as browsing videos created by others. Videos are generally shared between groups of friends, and can be saved as private, but the other content is freely available and is not ‘policed’.


The app states that it is not to be used by children under the age of 13, but many children under this age continue to use the app. links directly to another app called, which has no safety setting, and permits anybody to enter into a conversation with the child. Through this, they are at serious risk of being exposed to extremely inappropriate content and conversations.


Please ensure that activity is monitored when a child is using or any other social media platforms or apps.