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Children's Work Summer Term 2018

Maths - Fun with Time

We had fun outside experimenting with time. We found out how many times we could run around the playground in one minute and had lots of challenges to complete within one minute.


We timed how long it took us to do 20 star jumps and other activities.

Finally we had races and talked about who was quicker and who was slower; who took the longest time and who took the shortest time; who finished earlier and who finished later.

Maths - Time

We have been telling the time to the hour and half past the hour and understanding that the clock has a short hand which is the hour and a long hand that is the minute.

Birds of Prey

We all enjoyed finding out lots of facts about the birds of prey. It was an amazing experience to be so close to these magnificent birds and learn so much about them.

Exotic Zoo Trip

We have all had a wonderful morning at Exotic Zoo. Children from Class 1 got to meet lots of animals and find out some interesting facts about rainforests.


We also had a guided tour around the zoo where children got to explore to see a whole variety of animals and ask lots of questions about them.


Maths - Sharing

We have been sharing objects and found that amounts can be shared between different numbers. We also found that sometimes objects could be shared equally and sometimes they could not.

Child shares a number equally.
 Not all numbers can be shared equally.
Child shares equally.
Child shares equally.


We have been learning about South America and comparing it to where we live. We looked at the animals you might see in South America and created some lovely Sloth pictures.


We have been learning that to double is to add a number to itself.


Reception Science - Caring for a baby

With the recent birth of Prince Louis, we talked about who is in our family and drew pictures of them. We all then cared for a new born baby by bathing them, dressing them and playing with them. The children made cards of congratulations and used playdoh to make a special gift for the new baby prince.

Reception Science - Healthy Drinks

We looked at how much sugar was in many different drinks and talked about what would be a good healthy alternative for us. We made some beautiful fruit infused drinks and enjoyed testing them.

How much sugar is in a drink?
Making healthy sugar free drinks.