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Children's Work Summer Term 2018

Peter and The Wolf

In English we have been retelling the story of Peter and the Wolf. We have used descriptive vocabulary to write about the characters of the story. Children created a cardboard box puppet theatre and used this to act out the story using their puppets.

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Exotic Zoo

We have all had a wonderful morning at Exotic Zoo. Children from Class 2 leaned all about animals and how they adapt to their environment and where their natural habits are.


We had a guided tour around the zoo where children got to explore to see a whole variety of animals and ask lots of questions about them.



We have been weighing objects to find the heaviest and lightest. We made predictions on how many cubes it would take to balance various objects and then tested it out.

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As part of our topic 'Living Things', we have been growing beans and keeping a weekly diary to chart their progress. During this time we identified; water, air, sunlight, warmth and soil as things needed to help keep a plant healthy and grow.


During the first 2 weeks of the Summer Term we used the story 'The Wellington Cobbler and the Wrekin Giant' as a stimulus for our writing. We used expanded noun phrases, a wide range of sentences, adverbs, created a report and used past tense correctly.