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Children's Work Spring Term 2018

Maths - Measure

Children measured objects using a ruler. They worked on some problem solving questions to prove their understanding of measure.

Maths - Measure

Children came up with their own ideas on non-standard ways to measure. They used crates, skittles, hands, hoops, legs pencils to name but a few.

Maths - Measure

Children used scales to weigh objects and compare their weight so they could identify which was heavier and which was lighter.

Visit to the Lego exhibition and workshop at Shrewsbury Museum.

Art - Eric Carle

We looked at Eric Carle's books very carefully to see how he produced his illustrations.  Then we painted big sheets of paper in different colours. Finally, we cut up the paper to make a collage in the style of Eric Carle.

Lego Play - Child Initiated
Picture 1 Child initiated Lego Play
Picture 2 Child initiated Lego Play
Picture 3 Child initiated Lego Play
Picture 4 Child initiated Lego Play
Picture 5 Child initiated Lego Play
Picture 6 Child initiated Lego Play

 Science - Year 1 - Snow Weather Forecasting


Reception Maths - Subtraction

Children used themselves and objects to subtract. Then they recorded their subtraction calculations as number sentences.

Maths - Longer, Taller, Shorter. 

We have been comparing length.

Reception Science - Baboon on the Moon

Children listened to the story of Baboon on the Moon and thought of ways they could help him to get back down to Earth. They independently selected materials and built rockets that could bring Baboon back home. Children also wrote postcards from the Moon and thought about what items he would need to pack in his suitcase for his journey home.  

Picture 1 Children build rockets to get Baboon back to Earth

Science - Year 1 - Making Rain in a Jar

We used ice and hot water to make rain. Children made predictions what they thought would happen when the heat from the water rose up. They observed changes and raindrops ran down the jar.


Shrove Tuesday - Pancake Day

Chinese New Year

Children enjoyed finding out about Chinese New Year.


Reception Science - Healthy Eating

We found out what keeps us fit and healthy. Children helped to prepare a variety of fruits and went on to taste. They then selected their favourite fruit and recorded the data in a pictogram.

Picture 1 Reception children taste different fruit.

Science - Trunk, Branch and Twig - Silver Birch Art

Children in Year one created some beautiful Silver Birch tree paintings. They used masking tape and watercolours. Whilst creating their art they learned about trunks, branches and twigs.





The Naughty Bus

A mysterious gift arrived in class 1. We were all excited to find out what was inside.


It was a bus, but what sort of bus was it and what would it do?


The children made predictions about the bus and what it would it do.







The children then thought about what the setting would be for their bus.



     Bus in the bedroom.                                           Bus in the bathroom.


     Bus on a breakfast plate.                                  Bus playing in the city.


    Bus in a pond being rescued by a tow truck.     Bus in the city of London.

Role play in the Naughty Bus
Picture 1 Children play in the Naughty Bus
Picture 2 Children play in the Naughty Bus

Reception Science - Bird watching

We found out lots of facts about birds and how we could attract them into the school playground. We made fat balls for the birds and found a good place to hang them in our outdoor area. We enjoyed spending time bird watching and looking at the birds nests in the trees.



We enjoyed the visit to Enginuity in Ironbridge and had a brilliant time learning all about forces. We worked in small groups to build rockets and went on to test these with exciting results. Take a look below at the photos and videos from the day.


Rocket Launching Testing

Still image for this video

Over to Launch Control...

Still image for this video

Class 1 children launch their rocket

Still image for this video