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Children's Work Spring Term 2016

Maths - Fractions

In numeracy we have been learning about fractions.


Flipped Learning - Measure Homework

The children worked hard on completing their flipped learning project on measure. What a fabulous effort from everyone!

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Geography - Cold Places

We looked at traditional tales from the Inuit culture to link in with  work we did in geography on Very Cold Places.



Art - Icebergs

We used wax and paint to create a cold sky. Different shades of tissue paper were used to represent an icy sea. The 3D icebergs were made by carefully pushing together glued and shaped paper coloured with oil pastels.


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D & T / Literacy

We designed and made windsocks and used this as a stimulus in literacy for instructional writing.

Marvellous Maths Morning

Class 2 enjoyed the maths morning and the various mathematical problems they had to solve.



We made predictions about which gloves would be best to keep your hands warm. We investigated this to see how quickly cold travelled through the material to identify which was the best.