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Children's Work Spring Term 2015

Numeracy - Making Easter Cakes

The children really enjoyed making Easter cakes. Reception were finding 1 more and 1 less and identifying which cake had the fewest eggs on it.

Year 1 children used the eggs on the cakes to find the difference between two single digit numbers. 

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Flipped Learning - Minibeasts

The children enjoyed sharing what they had learned at home about minibeasts.



Take one Picture

The children looked carefully at the painting 'Mr and Mrs Andrews' by Thomas Gainsborough to recreate their own textured picture. The children chose to add sand or eggs to their paint to see the effect it made. They then collaged on the trees creating their own take on the landscape. Some beautiful paintings were made by reception and year one children.




World Book Day

Thursday 5th March all the children came to school dressed as their favourite book character. There was a fabulous variety of costumes and the children were all eager to share their favourite books with teachers and pupils.





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Steve Smallman, Author and Illustrator School Visit

The children enjoyed listening to some very amusing stories, read by the author himself. He showed the children how he uses the illustrations he has drawn to help him in developing his  story. The children were captivated when he showed them how to change a circle smiley face into many different expressions simply by making minor changes to the eyebrows, mouth and eyes. He demonstrated how these expressions can be transferred to animals to give them character. Everyone really enjoyed having a go at applying what they had learned and creating their own different circle face expressions.

Science - Minibeasts

As part of our Science curriculum we are looking at Minibeasts. The children have enjoyed using our outdoor exploration area to find and identify as many as they can.  We hope the children enjoy continuing their education with their flipped learning homework project on Minibeasts. We look forward to finding out what interesting facts they discover!





Flipped Learning

Before finding out about traditional tales the children have been researching different stories at home.


Science - Materials

We investigated the changing properties of clay, looking at how it could be moulded and stretched, we then made some pinch pots.


We have been learning about halves and quarters of shapes, objects and numbers.

Building Structures

Following the recent visit to St Andrews Church we worked together to recreate the building and all the internal features.

R.E - Special Places 

We went to St Andrews Church to see why this was a special place and find out facts about the building and it's purpose. The children enjoyed an interesting talk from Revd. Lee Wheeler and learned what made the Church a special building. They chose to draw various objects around the  church that they thought were interesting. In R.E. we will be following up this visit with written work.


We have been exploring patterns in colour, shape and number.