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Children's Work Spring Term 2015

Symbols of belonging


Flipped Learning - Measure

The children started to look at measure and as part of their flipped learning homework, they completed some great work.


World Book Day

Thursday 5th March all the children came to school dressed as their favourite book character. There was a fabulous variety of costumes and the children were all eager to share their favourite books with teachers and pupils.


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Steve Smallman, Author and Illustrator School Visit

The children enjoyed listening to some very amusing stories, read by the author himself. He showed the children how he uses illustrations he has drawn to help him in developing his  story. The children were captivated when he showed them how to change a circle smiley face into many different expressions simply by making minor changes to the eyebrows, mouth and eyes. Everyone really enjoyed having a go at applying what they had learned and creating their own different circle face expressions.


New Age Kurling at Burton Borough School.


Two teams from Class 2 were invited to take part in games of New Age Kurling. These games were held in Burton Borough Sports Hall. Each team consisted of two boys and two girls. The other school taking part was Lilleshall Primary School. The object of the game is to get as many of your stones closer to the centre of the target than your opponent.

The children had lots of fun aiming their stones at the vinyl mat targets and knocking their opponents' 'stones' away from the target. 


Flipped Learning

Before finding out about cold places the children have been researching about Antarctica at home.


Continuing with our theme of cold places, the children looked at images of penguins and from a range of materials chose how they wished to create their own penguin artwork.


Class 2 visited St Andrews Church. Revd. Lee Wheeler explained the different features of the building and how they are used in worship by Christians.


We learned how to write simple explanations by finding the definition of words in a dictionary. We found out about camels in their environment-the desert. We used solo hexagons to explain the links between features of the camel and their ability to survive in the desert.

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