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Children's Work Autumn Term 2017

Art - Hunters in the Snow

We sketched all the main elements of the Pieter Bruegel painting 'Hunters in the Snow'. We started to add watercolour and investigate various different mediums. We are going to create our own version of this painting for a winter card over the next 2 weeks. This week we experimented with chalks, poster paints and watercolours. Next week we will try wax and start to make the backgrounds.


We listened to the story 'One Boys War', by Lynn Huggins-Cooper and the children discussed emotions of the characters to write a letter home to a loved one. They thought of good adjectives to describe their surroundings and included these in their letter home.



We have started to investigate materials and identify their properties to then enable us to sort into groups and explain our reasons for doing so.


We have been focussing on our ball skills and developing our throwing techniques. Children have been involved in creating new ball games that test their skills and agility.

R.E - Diwali

We listened to the Diwali story of Rama and Sita, and children in year 1 made character puppets so they could re-enact the story whilst year 2 children sequenced key events of the story to retell the story.



Year 1 children have been using a tens frame to find number bonds to ten.

In maths, year 1 have been doing algebra and finding different possible values of shapes with a set total of cubes.

Art - Portraits

With the topic this term being 'Marvellous Me' we studied ourselves carefully and used our sketching techniques to draw self portraits.  We then learned the technique of mixing and building layers of colour with watercolours to add to our drawings, with some beautiful results.



Sketch of portrait.                     Mixing and building layers of watercolour.


 A finished self portrait.


Self Portraits - Children add watercolour to their sketches.



Picture 1 Child adds watercolour to her self portrait.
Picture 2 Children mixing watercolours.
Picture 3 Child finishing off his self portrait.
Picture 4 Child uses watercolours to add to their portrait.
Picture 5 Child finishes off his self portrait.
Children's Finished Self Portraits

Self Portraits 

Children selected different shades of paper to create a collage self portrait, with some fabulous results.






The Finished Collage Self Portraits

Marvellous Me - Literacy

In Literacy we talked about what makes us special and what we are good at. We used our ideas  in our writing to compile our sentences.

National Poetry Day

We listened to a poem about a dinosaur and thought about how the dinosaur was feeling and why. Some children thought about the words of the poems and their inferred meaning whilst another group of children acted out the part of the dinosaur and shared their thoughts about how the dinosaur felt.



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6