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Children's Work Autumn Term 2016

Art - Drawing with Scissors

We looked at the work  of the French Artist Henri Matisse and his famous cut-out art work that he called "drawing with scissors,". The children designed a plan to replicate his cut-out art and created their own shape that they could repeat following their design.

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Moving Pictures

We made moving pictures that had a slider to help us retell the story 'Coming Home by Michael Morpurgo'. We choose different scenes of the story  and thought carefully about how the robin or the bird of prey would move.

Moving Toys

Working in small groups the children looked at a variety of toys to see how they moved. Following this they experienced making a winding mechanism using a range of different materials. They then went on to design their moving nursery rhyme toy  that would include a winding mechanism, axle and handle. They thought carefully about the element of their toy that would move and listed all the materials they would need to make their project. Once they had made their moving toys they got to share these with Class 1.


Internet safety

Using the CEOP, THINK U KNOW web site we watched Hector and his friends learn how to use their computers safely. We then discussed how we could stay safe online and compiled a list of school online safety rules. Using these rules the children then designed online safety posters. If you would like to find out more about Hectors world and online safety visit the THINK U KNOW web site by clicking here.

Chetwynd Deer Park

We all had a lovely time at Chetwynd Deer park.  The children enjoyed looking for signs of Autumn and using a variety of equipment to measure objects in the surrounding environment. We looked at some photographs of Natural sculptures by Andy Goldsworthy and then used natural materials from Chetwynd Deer Park to create our own natural artwork.


Flipped Learning

It was wonderful to see such a variety of homework based around new and old toys. Thank you for supporting your child at home to complete their projects. 

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Weston Park School Trip

We all had a wonderful day at Weston Park learning about the lives of children from rich and poor families from the past. We found out about how they lived and how they played. Everyone had the opportunity to get dressed up in Victorian clothes and play with some old toys. It was great fun participating in the workshop to make a cup and ball toy and afterwards the children enjoyed playing with them. There was a large variety of outdoor toys and games for the children to experience and everyone had fun giving all the activities a try.

Exotic Zoo

On our visit to Exotic Zoo the children saw some amazing creatures. Everyone had the opportunity to get up close to spiders, chameleons, tree frogs, snakes, meerkats, millipedes and much, much more. We learned all about their natural habitats, how they adapt to their environment for survival and what they like to eat. Most children touched or held the animals and thoroughly enjoyed the day.


No Pens Day

During No Pens Day  the children participated in lots of speaking and listening activities.

In Literacy they used their story maps to retell the story of The Gingerbread Man. In History they looked at a variety of old and new toys and discussed what they were made of and how they could tell if they were old or new. In Science the children investigated properties of materials, they sorted many objects using sense of touch and discussion, they then sorted these into categories.

Art - Self Portraits



First Day of Autumn Term 2016