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Children's Artwork September 2016 - July 2017


Over the last few weeks we have focused on the theme 'Sunflowers'. Children have sketched using pencils, used wax and a watercolour wash, created clay sunflowers and started to make a sunflower collage.

Abstract Art - Georgia O'Keeffe

We looked at the paintings of Georgia O'Keeffe who is famous for her close up paintings of flowers. We used paint and chalk to create our own version of 'Abstraction White Rose' the famous close up painting of a rose.


Picture 1 Children use paint to a make rose paintings.
Picture 2 Children use chalks to draw close ups of a rose.
Picture 3 Children use chalks to draw close ups of a rose.
Picture 4 Children use paint to a make rose paintings.

Paint Splatting


Observational drawing using Oil Pastels

Observational Paintings of Blossom

Eric Carle

Using Eric Carle's illustrations as inspiration over a couple of weeks we painted many bright coloured papers, then used various tools to create patterns within the paint and added glitter to some for extra sparkle. We then used the papers painted to cut out to make a collage design in the style of Eric Carle.

Clay pots

Using clay we hand moulded small pots and used our fingers to pinch and pull them into our desired shape. We used various tools to create indentations to make our desired design. After the clay pots dried we made glitter glue and painted them to make our shiny, glittery, clay pots.



Do you want to build a snowman?

With the anticipated arrival of the snow forecast this week we thought we would build our own sock snowmen.  

Penguin Pictures

Using our fingers we created some lovely penguin pictures.

Picture 1 Finished finger painted penguin pictures
Picture 2 Finished finger painted penguin pictures.

Natural Art - Leaves

We punched out shapes from leaves to create a natural art picture. The children thought about the leaves swirling around in the wind. They also used a large selection of leaves to make some leaf rubbings using wax crayons.

Autumn Leaves

We looked at various leaves and children used a mixture of pastels and felts.

Picture 1

Leaf Animals

We used a variety of leaves to create our own leaf animals.

Watercolour painting of Leaves


We used wax crayons to draw some beautiful poppies and a watercolour wash to cover over the background for the poppies to make some fabulous poppy pictures. We also used felt and beads to make our own poppy.

Fantastic Firework Art

African Sunsets

Following a visit from our African visitor to school, we looked at colour mix used to create a bright African sunset background

Henri Matisse

We looked at the French artist Henri Matisse.  The children created their own interpretation of 'The Snail'  semi abstract work based on the swirl of a snail shell. We used the artist technique of cutting and tearing shapes and sticking them on a white background. The shapes and blocks of colour appear to float. We framed out work with a choppy orange border.

Picture 1 A child with their finished artwork.
Picture 2 A child with their finished artwork.

Wassily Kandinsky

We looked at the abstract work of Kandinsky the Russian Artist. We reproduced the 'Colour Study' squares with concentric circles. We explored shape and colour using different media, watercolours and chalk pastels. We discussed our choice of warm, cool and neutral colours.