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Children's Artwork September 2015 - July 2016

British Values Project

During Art Club, all children  were involved in  a project to create two wall displays. These are to raise awareness of British Values. Children worked co-operatively to produce  artwork that will be on display in school for many years to come.


We were thrilled that Local artist, Sallie Humphreys supported us in art club over a period of a few weeks to  work with the children in creating a wall art display to be proud of.


These have now been framed and we had the grand unveiling in a special assembly.

Art Club's Work on Display

Some children's work was on display at Newport Show. It was wonderful to be able to showcase  the beautiful pieces or art that the children have been creating in Art Club.


Piet Mondrian

We looked at the work of Dutch artist and the style known as neoplasticism.  This style consisted of a white background with a grid of vertical and horizontal black lines and three primary colours. The children chose a picture the wanted to and applied Mondrian's style to it.


Buds, Berries and Blossom

We looked at different blossom, berries and buds and using oil pastels created some beautiful drawings.

Georges Seurat - Pointillism

We looked at paintings by the French Artist Georges Seurat and tried to recreate one of his paintings using the technique of pointillism.


We looked at the technique of pointillism and used this to create some beautiful flower pictures.

Love Art

Using various heart templates and a selection of chalks we made our heart backgrounds. We cut out a heart shape and decorated this with glitter, string and sequins. This was added to our picture to create our 3D heart art.


Vincent van Gogh - Starry Night

We looked at the painting of Starry Night and tried to recreate our own interpretation of this. We used oil pastels and glue to add texture and focused on the colours and swirling motions of the painting. The children produced some beautiful artwork.

Self Portraits

Van Gogh was well known for his self portraits, so we drew pictures of ourselves. We used mirrors and took care noticing our individual facial features to create our pictures.


We looked at the art work of Vincent van Gogh and created our own interpretation of the Sunflower painting. Children selected their own resources using chalk or oil pastels.



Children drew around a poppy template, cut it out and then decorated with glitter, foil and buttons to make their lovely poppies.

Creative Collage

We designed a picture and used glossy magazines to create our collage art work.