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Autumn Term - September 2019 - December 2019

English - Peter and The Wolf

In Class 2 children listened to the Story of Peter and the Wolf, they retold the main events in the story using adjectives and powerful verbs. Children also enjoyed role playing the story after creating their theatre boxes.


Art - William Morris - Pattern Printing

We looked at some of the designs of the British Textile Designer 'William Morris' and using a variety of printing blocks we created our own floral print design.

Art - Paul Klee - Castle and Sun

After a few weeks finding out about Paul Klee children created their own version of the painting 'Castle and Sun'. They used wax pastels with a wash of coloured inks with striking effect.

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Hibernation Day

We really enjoyed our special hibernation day when we came to school in our onesies and pyjamas. Everyone enjoyed making the autumn themed cookies and meeting the special guest Mabel the Hedgehog. We found out lots of interesting facts whilst drinking hot chocolate and enjoying our cookies.


Science - Year 2 Materials

Year 2's have been looking at a variety of materials and enjoyed investigating the big question 'What makes a strong bridge?'

Design & Technology

Children have been looking at moving toys and designed their using a pulley and a handle, they  based their designs on nursery rhymes.

Number Bonds to 10

We have been working hard on securing our fast recall of number bonds to 10. This will really help us with our maths.

Maths - Value of Numbers


Science - Year 1 - Materials

We looked at variety of objects and children were able to find wood, metal, plastic and fabric items. We thought about how they looked and felt to describe them. we then hid a variety of objects inside a bag and they had to guess what the object was made from.

Art - Paul Klee

We have been finding out all about Paul Klee. In Art children got to take their pen for a walk on their piece of paper. They then went on to create a pastel piece of artwork in the style of Paul Klee to make a class combined large piece of art.

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First Week of Autumn Term