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AUTUMN TERM - September 2018 - December 2018

Winter Trees

Children used inks to create a striking Winter Tree art Silhouette painting.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff - Building Bridges


We have been working on our ball skills. We found that the further away you are the harder you had to throw the ball to each other to pass to your partner.

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We looked at the map of the U.K and highlighted the 4 countries that make this up. Children labelled their map and we talked about North and South and tried to identify where Telford would be in England.




We investigated properties of materials.

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Diwali - Diva Lights

We listened to the story of Rama and Sita and at the end of the story lights were used to light their way home. In class 2 children used clay to make some diva lights and painted them in vibrant colours.


Picture 1 Class 2 made Diva Lights.

School Trip to Stafford Ancient High House


We all had a fabulous day at Stafford Ancient High House. Everyone enjoyed stepping back in time to find out about life during Stuart Period.


We found out how a Tudor houses was built and everyone had the opportunity to try and build a wattle and daub wall.


We found out how the fire spread in the Great Fire of London and got to dress up as rich and poor people.



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The Great Fire of London

Children have been finding out about the Great Fire of London and the key events that happened. In English we have listened to the story of VLAD (a flea) and Boxton (a rat) as they try to flee the burning London buildings. Children have sequenced events of the fire and written about key facts they had recalled. They have created charcoal pictures of buildings on fire, used lego to build houses and a drawing app to make pictures of London on fire.



We started the Autumn Term focussing on listening to our bodies as we exercised and noticed what happened when we were very active and then what happened when we started to cool down.





We have been thinking of the value of a number and different ways to make a two digit number.


ENGLISH - Superheroes

In English we have enjoyed inventing Superhero characters and writing all about them.



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In Maths we have been exploring the different equipment and making shapes and patterns.

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