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Welcome to the gallery! Please enjoy browsing the photographs of our school and of any whole school event.


World Book Day 2017

Children and Staff celebrated World Book Day 2017 by dressing up as their favourite book characters. During the day children shared stories, wrote stories, drew pictures of their characters and enjoyed a book scavenger hunt looking for a variety of different characters and story endings.

Extreme Reading

Take a look at the gallery of  fabulous extreme reading photos. Where did your reading journey take you?

Santa Visits School

Children were thrilled to get a surprise visit from Santa  and his Head Elf in school. They got to meet and chat with him and all got a little gift.


Reading Buddies

We recently introduced reading buddies to give children the opportunity to share books with each other. This was exceptionally  popular and the children had a lovely time sharing and reading books together.

Chetwynd Deer Park

We all had a lovely time at Chetwynd Deer park.  The children enjoyed looking for signs of Autumn and using natural materials to create their our own natural artwork.


Weston Park School Trip

We all had a wonderful day at Weston Park learning about the lives of children from rich and poor families from the past. We found out about how they lived and how they played. Everyone had the opportunity to get dressed up in Victorian clothes and play with some old toys. It was great fun participating in the workshop to make a cup and ball toy and afterwards the children enjoyed playing with them. There was a large variety of outdoor toys and games for the children to experience and everyone had fun giving all the activities a try.

Exotic Zoo School Trip

On our visit to Exotic Zoo the children saw some amazing creatures. Everyone had the opportunity to get up close to spiders, chameleons, tree frogs, snakes, meerkats, millipedes and much, much more. We learned all about their natural habitats, how they adapt to their environment for survival and what they like to eat. Most children touched or held the animals and thoroughly enjoyed the day.


Science Week

It’s been an exciting week full of science investigations and experiments. Children have worked in mixed year groups and have been able to challenge their thinking, make predictions, participate in many different experiments and then sometimes be surprised at investigation outcomes.





The children had a very successful day at Chetwynd Deer Park experiencing bushcraft, trails, team building and challenging themselves on the climbing wall.


We are very grateful to the Friends of School for funding this fantastic opportunity and to Newport & District Agricultural Society for allowing us to use the facilities.


The children built mini dens and checked that they were waterproof, worked together to cross crocodile-infested swamps and tried to reach the top of the climbing wall.

Litter Picking

As part of our litter awareness incentive we received a visit from Tina Brasenell, Telford and Wrekin Environmental engagement Officer. She gave an informative talk on litter and then accompanied us all litter picking in the community.

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RE- Eid

As part of the R.E topic on the Muslim religion we had a special afternoon learning about Eid. We decorated cakes, made Eid cards, did some Bollywood dancing and some Mehndi hand patterns.

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Children and their families were invited by Reverend Lee Wheeler to a special service to celebrate the 90 years of the Queen's 90th birthday.


They had the opportunity to show the congregation portraits of the Queen they had been painting during art club and some lovely bunting they helped to create. 




Newport Carnival 2016

This years fabulous carnival entry was a royal and space themed float, designed and decorated by Friends of School.

In R.E we have been learning all about Muslims. We finished the term with a trip to Telford Central Mosque in Wellington.


The children had the opportunity to explore the mosque and were able to see many features of which we had learned about in school.


They enjoyed being able to ask questions to find out more about what happens inside a masjid.


Big News from the Big Pedal

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2016 West Midlands 1st place Winners of the Pig Pedal Challenge. In total 1,680 schools took part and we came 13th in the UK. What a fabulous effort from everyone involved.

Telford's Road Safety Team provide Bike Training

The children enjoyed learning about road safety and how to cycle safely during their bicycle training.


Bling your Scooter or Bike Royal Theme

Well done to everyone that participated in the Big Pedal Bling your Bike or Scooter Event. Pictured below are the two winners who received lots of road safety goodies.




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Planting Seeds from Space

We have embarked on a voyage of discovery by planting seeds that have been into space. We are excited to be taking part in the Rocket Science project launched by RHS Campaign for School Gardening and the UK Space Agency. Over several weeks we will be collecting data from the experiment to send on for analysis by professional biostatisticians. The project will get children thinking more  about how to preserve human life on another planet in the future and growing fresh food in challenging climates.


SEAL - Going for Goals

During a special assembly, all children thought about goals which they could set themselves to aim to achieve. All their individual goals are displayed in their classrooms.


Dogs Trust 

Everyone enjoyed the visit from Bertie, the Dogs Trust Dog who came to school to teach us how to be safe around dogs.


Nativity Play

The children enjoyed participating in the nativity play held at St Andrew's Church.


Scooter Training

The children who selected to bring their scooters to school had an exhausting but fun training session. They learned all about safe scooting!



Cooking Bus

We all really enjoyed the visit from the cooking bus and had a fabulous time making healthy banana and raisin cakes.  


Church Aston and Pitchcroft WI Choir Present Cheque to School


During a special assembly the WI Choir presented us with a cheque from funds they had raised and they performed some beautiful songs for us. The children also enjoyed being able to perform a song they had been practising during their singing assemblies. 


We were very grateful for the generous donation and will use the funds to develop and encourage singing in school.


Illustrator Visits School


Sallie Humpfrey a local illustrator visited school and worked with children on drawing characters and making their writing creative.  Sallie is working on Enhance the UK's first ever children's book which is raising awareness about disability.


The children really enjoyed listening the story 'The Secret Sign'. The story is about twin brothers who are identical, except of the brothers is deaf.


For more information about 'The Secret Sign' and Sallie's work please click here.

Chetwynd Deer Park

We all had a very enjoyable day at Chetwynd Deer Park. Children participated in many activities such as measuring trees, creating natural art with leaves, tree rubbing, leaf identification and a tractor ride to enable us to get up close to the fallow deer.



Science Week 2015

During Science week the children developed their scientific enquiry skills, which included predicting, grouping, observing, measuring and recording data. They completed numerous scientific experiments that included an hot air balloon investigation, stabilising and measuring variables, helicopters, falling through air, investigation into glider plane flight and gravity and air resistance. 

Harvest Service  at St Andrew's Church

French Day

During French Day the children  were able to enjoy a wide range of activities to enrich their learning about France.

African Workshop

The children had an exciting day taking part in dance and art workshops led by Bemma Akyeampong. They picked up the African songs and dance moves very quickly. They tried traditional mud art on cloth which involved new techniques  and really enjoyed listening to traditional African tales.



Cooking Bus

All the children in school had a great time honing their cooking skills. They made a scone based pizza and 5aDay Tomato and vegetable topping and learned about healthy food choices.

Newport Carnival 2015 - The Tiger who came to Tea

We were thrilled to receive second place in the walking floats category.

Walk to School Week

During walk to school week we have been leaning about road safety through role play and why it is important to adhere to the Green Cross Code. For more information about road safety click here.



Fun in the Sun

Since our return to school after the Easter holidays, we have been very lucky to have some beautiful sunny weather.


The children have enjoyed using the new café role play area and various playground toys.


Please remember to send your child to school with their sunhats and applied suncream to enable them to play safe.


First Prize Winners in the Exotic Zoo Competition

We received our prize for winning the naming of the meerkats in the Exotic Zoo competition. The children had the opportunity to hold and stroke a tarantula, baby crocodile, corn snake, giant millipede, tree frog and of course the two meerkats.




As part of our religious education and cultural studies we visited the Sikh Gurdwara in Oakengates.



Comic Relief Bake Off and Cake Sale

A fabulous total of £130.15 was raised from the cake sale all the proceeds will go to Comic Relief, well done everyone!

The Big Pedal - Bling Your Bike or Scooter Event 2015


World Book Day 2015

World Book Day 2015 1

School Supermarket Singing Success Raises £195.20

Exotic Zoo visited our school for a special assembly on Meerkat.

Whole school visit to Chetwynd Deer Park

Everyone enjoyed a tractor ride to see the deer; studied trees by examining their leaves and bark and gathered lots of natural objects to remember the day.

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Picture 1

Schoolovision 2014 England Just Look (The Time of Our Beginning)

This is our entry into Schoolovision 2014 England Just Look (The Time of Our Beginning).

Easter Egg Hunt 2014

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The whole school enjoyed their Easter Egg Hunt on the last day of the spring term.

Celebrating World Book Day - 6th March 2014

Celebrating World Book Day - 6th March 2014 1

School Sponsored Walk

School Sponsored Walk 1

Church Aston Infant School Garden Makeover

Families, a Governor, a Teacher and the Head Teacher all turned up on Saturday 27th October 2013 to clear the front garden of school and turn it into a manageable area.


All ages had great fun digging, leveling and covering the weed ridden area with gravel. Working faster than Ground Force, in order to beat the storms they completed the job in under 5 hours, proving that 'many hands make light work'.


Large planters are going to be made by one of the parents and will be used by the children to grow fruit trees and seasonal bedding plants.