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School Council

At Church Aston Infant School we value the opinions of the children.

The School Council gives them a voice.

We believe that:

- Pupils have a right to be listened to.
- It is important that pupils are consulted when appropriate.
- A democratically elected School Council provides a structured opportunity for active pupil participation in decision-making within the school.

The School Council aims:
- To empower pupils to participate in their school community as active citizens.
- To promote a sense of responsibility and ownership of the school community.
- To give the children a 'voice' through the School Council representatives.
- To encourage children to care for school property by involving them in decision making processes.
- To foster and encourage positive and responsible attitudes and behaviour.

The School Council is made up of children from Reception to Year 2 and meets regularly
to discuss issues and plan school events and resources with Mrs Cusack.

Many of the suggestions made by the School Council are acted upon and help to make our school a happy and pleasant place to work and play.

Thursday 2nd March 2017 Meeting Minutes

  1. School Council to find out what the whole school understands about fun, care and learn.



When are we getting new scooters?

Mrs Cusack advised that they will be able to order new scooters once Mrs Reynolds is able to place orders which would be soon.



Thursday 8th March 2017 Meeting Minutes

1. School Council shared Key words with the rest of the school and recorded their ideas for what each word meant for them. The words are Care, Learn and Fun and will form part of the ethos and vision for the school.



  • helping each other
  • loving people
  • being kind
  • playing nicely
  • care for each other
  • care for new children
  • first aid
  • care for friends
  • parents help in school



  • play and art
  • baking
  • toys on the playground
  • do things we like
  • sports day
  • clubs
  • school trips
  • scooters
  • paying on the playground
  • celebrate birthdays
  • doing swimming



  • gain skills
  • enjoying art
  • counting numbers over 100
  • counting numbers over 10
  • English and Maths
  • School trips
  • Homework
  • swimming
  • playing


Friday 10th March Meeting Minutes

  1.  Scooters can be ordered, we need to ask Mrs Reynolds.
  2. Care, Fun and Learn finished. Waiting for Mrs Cusack to put words up.
  3. House of commons letter discussed about 'Speakers School Council Awards' competition.Ideas to make our school and community better;
    • Litter picking - Poster competition
    • Litter picking training
    • ideas for posters
    • raise money for a litter bin
  4. Actions for next meeting - plan letter to go to all pupils inviting them to create a poster.


Tuesday 14th March Meeting Minutes

  1. Learn, Care and Fun words now put up around school.
  2. looked at litter posters.
  3. Photos to be taken in ipads of children litter picking in school.


Red Nose Day Cake Sale

School Council representatives worked very hard at the cake sale to raise funds for the Red Nose Day appeal raising a fabulous £130.15.


Playground Friends


All the School Council were asked to find out who would like to be a Playground Friend. Almost all the children wanted to do this and so a daily rota has drawn up.


It was lovely to see a group of children working with each other independently to create a beautiful chalk piece of artwork.