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Interested in becoming a Governor?

Schools are run by a governing body working with the headteacher and senior management team to ensure pupils get a good education. Becoming a governor could be a way of contributing to our school and learning new skills.


For more information about the roles and responsibilities of the position and details of how to become a school governor, please view the link below.


Members of the Governing Body for 2016/17 are:


 Dr Janet Bennett (Chair) - Local Authority Governor

Appointed by Local Authority - Term of Office Started: 1 September 2015 and Ends: 31 August 2019


I was first a Governor at Church Aston School in 1981 - 1989 when my two daughters were pupils at the School. From 1989 – 1997 I was a Parent Governor and from 2000 – 2004 a LA Governor at Newport Girls High School. I have been an LA Governor again at Church Aston School since September 2011. I was Vice Chair for 3 years and was appointed Chair on 4th October 2016. I am retired. I was a University Lecturer in Biochemistry for 26 years and previously I worked as a Clinical Biochemist. As a governor I try to support, assist and challenge the Headteacher and staff to provide the best possible education for the children.  




 Mrs Catherine Coltman - Co-opted Governor 

Appointed by Governing Body - Term of Office Started: 7 October 2014 and Ends: 6 October 2018 


I have been a governor since 2003 and at various times have served on the governing body of three primary schools in Telford and Wrekin.  I have worked in education most of my working life across all sectors.  I  was Chair of the Governing Body for a number of years and enjoyed my role and the challenges it  brought.  I am the Link Governor for Safeguarding.


 Mr William Titley - Co-opted Governor 

Appointed by Governing Body - Term of Office Started: 7 October 2014 and  Ends: 6 October 2018


I have been a Governor of Church Aston Infant School since May 2001. Our three sons all attended the School and benefited tremendously from the start provided by the School to their educational and social upbringing. I hope to maintain that caring atmosphere in a happy social environment to enhance the children's education at the School. I am a Chartered Accountant, a retired Company Director and an active member of the Church Aston and Newport communities. 


 Mr Richard Strafford-Piper - Parent Governor 

Appointed by Parents - Term of Office Started: 6 March 2015 and Ends: 5 March 2019


As a parent governor I am keen to support the fabulous school we have and all the hard work which is undertaken by the staff and parents. In my role of governor I am jointly responsible for helping to form the schools forward strategy and additionally to ensure that all the children realise their full potential and achieve the best possible outcomes from their time at Church Aston School. Additionally my role is to advise on how resources can be used in the most effective way and that the school provides a safe and secure environment for children and staff alike. My youngest daughter attends the school and I am genuinely delighted at the stimulating and challenging educational environment which exists at the school and I am keen to assist wherever I can.


 Mrs Sue Cusack (Headteacher)


I became Headteacher in September 2013. I started teaching in 1983 and have worked in schools across Telford and Wrekin and Shropshire. I have had the pleasure of teaching at Church Aston Infant School since September 1995. I understand the important role that primary education plays in a child's life and am pleased for the opportunity to use my experience to help the children in this school where children learn together.


 Mrs Clare Reynolds - Staff Governor 


I have recently started working at Church Aston Infant School as our School Business Manager. My daughter currently attends the school, as did my son before her, in fact I am a former pupil myself. I am keen to support the children, parents, families, staff and everyone involved with the school to ensure it continues to be a fantastic, stimulating and safe learning environment that supports the children to achieve their best. My background is in Human Resources, in which I am professionally qualified and have 15 years’ experience.


Mrs S. Morris - Clerk to the Governing Body

Parent Governor - Vacancy

Co-opted Governor  - Vacancy

Church Aston Infant School – Structure of the Governing Body Constitution

‘The DfE has published statutory guidance about the amendments to the School Governance (Constitution) (England) Regulations 2012. The statutory guidance is called ‘The constitution of governing bodies of maintained schools’.


The amendment requires all governing bodies of local authority maintained schools to be constituted under the 2012 Constitution Regulations or the 2012 Federation Regulations, as appropriate, by 1 September 2015.’ (Telford and Wrekin Council 2014).


At the full governors meeting on 3 June 2014 governors approved the following constitution to be effective from 7 October 2014:


2 Parent Governors (Mr R Strafford-Piper - Vice Chair and 1 Vacancy)

1 Staff Governor (Mrs Clare Reynolds)

1 Headteacher Governor (Mrs S Cusack)

3 Community/Co-opted Governors (Mrs C Coltman, Mr W A Titley and 1 vacancy)

1 Local Authority Governor (Dr J Bennett - Chair)

Total: 8


The Governing Body can also include Associate Governors for when a specific skill set is required or when a project is taking place.


Disciplinary, Grievance, Employment Issues and Appeals against Disciplinary or Other Action and Review of Salaries Committee - Appointed Governors:

  • Vice Chair of Governors
  • Mr W Titley
  • Mr R Strafford-Piper


Appeals Committee - Appointed Governors:

  • Chair of Governors
  • Mr W Titley
  • Vacancy


Behaviour and Exclusions Committee - Appointed Governors:

  • Chair of Governors
  • Mr W Titley
  • Mr R Strafford-Piper


Governors and Roles

Link and Special Interest Governors

  • Health and Safety  - Mr R Strafford-Piper
  • Special Educational Needs and Disabilities - Clare Reynolds
  • Governor Training – Mr R Strafford-Piper
  • Child Protection/Safeguarding/Children in LA Care(LAC)/Prevent - Catherine Coltman
  • Governor Reviewers – Headteacher’s Performance Management –  Vice-Chair of Governors, Mr W Titley and 1 vacancy.


Forthcoming Meetings

Full Governors


  • Tuesday 23rd May 2017, 7.15pm  

  • Tuesday 4th July 2017, 7.15pm      


Register of Business Interests



Governing Body Annual Statement 2015/2016


In 2015/2016 the Governing body had 7 members and 1 Parent Governor Vacancy


1 Parent Governors Mr R Strafford-Piper  



1 Head Teacher Governor Mrs S Cusack (Head Teacher and DSL)


1 Staff Governors Mrs S Bryon/Mrs J Brealey


1 Local Authority Governors Dr J Bennett (Vice Chair)


3 Co-opted Governors Mrs C Coltman (Chair)

Mr W Titley

Mrs D Christie


The full Governing Body met twice each term - a Full Governors meeting and a Curriculum and Standards Committee meeting. In addition there are a number of sub-committees to which governors are nominated.


  • Finance and General Personnel Matters Committee – met twice per term.

  • Strategic Committee – met once per term.

  • Health and Safety Committee – met once per term.

  • Buildings, Maintenance Responsibilities (including Health and Safety and School Security) Committee + Crisis Management – met once per term.


    The other sub-committees are:


  • Appeals

  • Behaviour and Exclusions

  • Disciplinary, Grievance, Employment Issues and Appeals Against Disciplinary or other Action and Review of Salaries Committee


    These Committees meet as and when required and did not meet during the 2015/2016 academic year.



    Governors have worked carefully and consistently to ensure that safeguarding policies and practices are rigorous and meet national standards. The governing body has been effective in overseeing arrangements for relating teachers’ pay to performance. They have a good understanding of how the school uses its resources including the effective use and impact of pupil premium funding. Through analysis of the school data they understand how well their pupils perform when compared with pupils nationally.’


    Governors have agreed and reviewed a number of policies and procedures to be adopted by the School. They have ensured safeguarding policies and practices were rigorous through regular discussions and reviews in order to fulfil their statutory duties.


    The Finance and General Personnel Matters Committee discussed the budget and during the year were able to question how spending aligns with the budget, thus ensuring solvency and probity thereby ensuring financial resources were used effectively. The Committee has monitored how the Pupil Premium grant and the Schools Sports funding have being used and their impact.


    The Health and Safety Committee have monitored the safety and well-being of the staff and pupils of the school. To achieve this, the Committee carried out an annual Health and Safety Audit, ensured the fire policy and emergency evacuation plan was up to date and ensured that risk assessments are in place.


    The Strategic Committee reviewed performance and how this is being evaluated in School and looked at curriculum developments and their impact on teaching and learning. It then makes recommendation to the governing body as necessary.


    Two governors and the School Improvement Partner met during 2015/16 to review the Head Teacher's performance in meeting objectives set. They made recommendations on pay and training and agreed objectives for the next year.


    1. Governing Body acts as a critical friend. To do this it has kept informed about the performance of staff and pupils, including the quality of teaching and progress towards the priorities identified in the School Development Plan and the Ofsted Inspection. Governing Body has monitored the School Development Plan and set objectives. This has been achieved through discussion and questioning of the Head Teacher’s report and by governors’ first hand observations in the school. Head Teacher submits a report prior to the full governing body meetings which enables governors to put questions to the Head Teacher in advance of the meeting which are then discussion at the meeting.


The Constitution of the Governing body was reviewed in the summer term in view of advice from the Local Authority and Department for Education, with a view to increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the Governing Body. There will no longer be sub-committees (apart from Appeals Behaviour and Exclusions, Disciplinary, Grievance, Employment Issues and Appeals Against Disciplinary or other Action) and all Governors will attend a meeting twice each term.



Governors have attended training sessions throughout 2015/2016 to keep them up to date and gain information in specific areas including finance, data protection, special education needs and appraisal. All Governors have completed Safeguarding and Prevent training